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A lot of people think that a broken chair frame or sofa means that a favourite piece of furniture has reached the end of its natural life. This is simply not the case.

We take your furniture and strip it back to the frame which is then assessed and repaired accordingly. If needed, new springs and webbing can be fitted, then the piece will be restored to its former glory.

Using traditional techniques and materials such as horsehair and feathers, we are able to preserve the character and integrity of the original piece, which is also important when it comes to preserving the value of an antique item.

The end result is a piece of furniture that resembles as closely as possible to how it looked the day it was made. Every bit as good Asnew.

A popular service we undertake is replacing seat springs and webbing. This can be an economical way of preserving your furniture.

We offer a FREE collection and delivery service within the Oxfordshire area. Collections in other locations will need to be arranged with our logistics team.