Buttoned Top Ottoman Transformation

But­toned Top Ottoman Trans­for­ma­tion in War­wick Love­ly Vel­vet’ Fabric.

What a trans­for­ma­tion. Our cus­tomer want­ed this old ottoman com­plete­ly trans­form so we did just that. Adding a deep but­toned top, uphol­stered sides, piped top edge and a new inside lin­ing has giv­en it a com­plete makeover. The fab­ric is a beau­ti­ful War­wick Love­ly Vel­vet’ it is excep­tion­al­ly soft and is fin­ished with a print­ed over­lay to give a sub­tle mot­tled painter­ly feel. Love­ly Vel­vet’ has a super Stain Guard fin­ish which repels water-based liq­uids, mak­ing it prac­ti­cal and beautiful. 

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