Fully Reupholstered Armchair

Bry­her || Blush, Linwood

This Arm­chair has been ful­ly re uphol­stered with all new foam using mod­ern tech­niques. Strip­ping the fur­ni­ture back to the frame is a long process and you nev­er know what you are going to find. This tra­di­tion­al arm­chair has been taste­ful­ly Recov­ered in Bry­her Blush from Lin­wood. The fab­ric is com­posed of 8% Nylon, 48% Vis­cose, 20% Linen and 24% Cot­ton this is a beau­ti­ful blend of fibres and forms a very hard­wear­ing dob­by weave which is suit­able for cur­tains, loose cov­ers and fixed upholstery. 

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