Wooden framed chair reupholstered

Chair fab­ric: Sander­son, Capuchins — Voy­age of Discovery

The Sander­son, Capuchins fab­ric has com­plete­ly changed the look of this wood­en framed chair. It is impor­tant to con­sid­er the shape of your fur­ni­ture when choos­ing the fab­ric. The wide fixed back of this chair allows the print to be seen in all its glo­ry. The style of the chair works well with the large play­ful print. The Voy­age of Dis­cov­ery col­lec­tion was inspired by our pio­neer­ing ances­tors, from the nat­ur­al his­to­ri­ans of the 17thcen­tu­ry who beau­ti­ful­ly illus­trat­ed their sci­en­tif­ic discoveries.

The dou­ble self-pip­ing around the back of the chair and arms adds a smart tai­lored fin­ish. A new foam seat cush­ion was def­i­nite­ly need­ed and will hope­ful­ly last anoth­er lifetime. 

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