Design Advisory Living Room Makeover

Sofa Recovered

Using our ‘At Home’ Design Advisory Service we have helped to transform our clients living room into a very calm and sophisticated space. The aim of the project it to create a cosy practical space to be enjoyed throughout the year.

“It’s fabulous! Every piece! The guys did a great job getting it all into the cottage as well. Can’t thank you enough for your part in this project.” - J.Lewis

The Challenges

There were a lot of bulky pieces of furniture in the room, this combined with the cottages low ceilings and red walls the space felt cramped and uninviting.

Before Before

What we did

On the initial home visit, we were able to speak to the client to understand exactly what they wanted, we took accurate measurements for floor plans and window treatments and got a good understanding of the space and the client’s requirements.

Armed with all the information we began to prepare the clients design presentation. A few weeks after the home visit we invited the clients into the showroom for their personal presentation. Every design advisory is different with some needed more or less than others however for this project we produced the following:

  • Design Statement
  • Digital Floor Plans – Furniture Layout
  • Sample Board - Fabrics
  • New Furniture Designs
  • Window Treatment Suggestion
  • Paint Colour Suggestions

The results

Modern classic: the aim was to work with the cottages existing features whilst using textiles and accessories to add a modern twist, creating harmony between the old and new. The larger pieces of furniture could be re-covered in lighter textural fabrics and accessorised with scatter cushions.

Wave Curtains

Wesley Barrell Sofa - Recovered

Sofa Recovered
Sofa Recovered

Buttoned Backed Chairs: Osborne & Little + Warwick fabrics

These classic buttoned back nursing chairs were not used and the client was considering getting rid of them. By covering them in a beautiful cut velvet and vibrant teal velvet the pair made a great addition to the room adding a pop of fun.

DSC 4422
DSC 4418

Our Handmade Storage Ottoman: Fermoie Fabric

An upholstered storage ottoman was suggested for the living area, this helped to create a natural central point with the chosen fabric drawing the whole scheme together.

New Ottoman pic
Storage Ottoman

Green Sofa: William Morris Fabric

The green sofa was repositioned to help with the flow of the room. Recovered in a sympathetic Morris & Co light natural fabric helped to modernise it enhancing its classic shape and clean lines.

Before DSC 4327
DSC 4326

Windows: Silent Gliss tracks & Jane Churchill

The illusion of higher ceilings was created by removing the existing poles and fitting two Silent Gliss tracks close to the ceiling. Using a contemporary wave heading the curtains hang in elegant even folds.

Image2 Wave Curtains
Wave Curtains

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