Fitted Seating For Commercial & Domestic Spaces

Flippa Interiors 2

The above image shows our buttoned back seating we did for Flip­pa Inte­ri­ors.

When choosing seating for a commercial space whether this be a pub, restaurant, café or office, it’s important to get it right. A comfortable, welcoming interior has a direct impact on the customer’s overall experience and their likeliness to return or recommend it to friends and family thus having a direct impact on your company’s profits, so it is critical to get right.

Bespoke Bench Seat

Banquette Seating

Comes in all shapes and sizes, and maximises space and efficiency. It is the perfect option for an intimate dining experience out or fitted into the architecture of a busy family home. It is usually placed against a wall or fitted into the architecture of the building and is popular for its space saving properties. Minimum space is used whilst providing a large number of seats.

Banquette Seating Fixed Banquette Seating

The fabric and back design has a huge effect on the overall finished appearance. Leather and stitched finishes can help to create a unique stylised design tailored to suit the end environment. The images above show our handmade but­toned back seat­ing we made for Flip­pa Inte­ri­ors.

Fluted back Ban­quette Seat­ing

A fluted back is another option for banquette seating as it offers a clean formal look. Jere­my, one of the busi­ness own­ers tem­plat­ed and fit­ted the bench seat­ing which fits beau­ti­ful­ly into the curved wait­ing area of the salon. Each of the pan­els were upholstered in the work­shop and then fit­ted on site by Jere­my him­self. You can see the flut­ed back fits per­fect­ly into the shape of the space.

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The above image shows the finished seating area.

Booth Seating

Is popular in restaurants and offices, creating an intimate space which offers an element of privacy for small or larger groups. Often used in the VIP areas in bars and nightclubs to create separate areas for customers.


Bench Seating

Is straight seating, ideal for creating a social and practical experience. Bench seating can be used to divide a space into different areas, creating maximum use of space and comfort. Benches are often arranged opposite each other with a table placed in-between to create a social place for working, socialising or relaxing. They lend themselves to a wide range of sectors from pubs, cafes and hospitality venues to formal offices and meeting rooms. The designs can vary from high backed, which creates a closer more intimate feel, to a low back style which instantly creates a more informal relaxed feel.

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The above image shows a leather bench seat made for a local barbers.

Full View Buttoned Backed Bench Seat

The above images show a free standing buttoned backed bench seat we recovered in a soft velvet.

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