How to Create Luxury in your Own Home – the fabric wall

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A recently remerging trend seen in interiors is the stunning fabric wall. This is where fabric is upholstered onto walls in your home, instead of using conventional paint and wallpaper. This method of decorating is intended to add warmth and a sense of luxury, making a room more beautiful, comfortable, and acoustically sound.

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(Asnew Showroom, fabric wall in GP&JBaker Camden Trellis, Abingdon 2021)

We decided this was exactly what our furniture showroom needed. Using individually upholstered panels to hide the. industrial breeze block wall, a homely luxurious environment was created.

Some of the main benefits of fabric walls:

  • Improves a rooms acoustics
  • Covers structural imperfections on a walls surface
  • The fabric can be easily changed to match a change in style and furnishings in the room
Asnew Showroom - Fabric Wall

The History of The Fabric Wall

Late in the 17th-Century fabric walls were created as a replacement for the movement of furniture and ‘arras’ hangings, such as tapestries. When people moved from their main residence to summer houses, they would take everything with them to create a sense of comfort and warmth. But with the creation of fabric walls, it meant they no longer had to do this.

Fabric walls were used to show wealth and importance. If you had a fabric wall with matching furniture you were very highly regarded, only the rich had this kind of luxury.

Ham House Withdrawing Room

(Ham House, Withdrawing Room, National Trust 2021)

Ham House, in Richmond-upon-Thames, built in the early 17th-Century is lavishly decorated in the exquisite Baroque style; showcasing rooms filled with fabric walls, gorgeous trims with furniture to match showing off the owners’ wealth.

Blenhiam Fabric Wall

(Blenheim Palace, 2019, photo by: Howard Sumner)

Blenheim palace is another great example of Baroque interiors, with an extravagant green silk damask fabric wall with furniture to match seen in the picture below.

During the 16th and 17th century the role of the upholsterer was widely respected as they often took the central role in planning and organising the furnishings of rooms and even whole houses. Upholsterers not only made upholstered furniture but also made up and fitted hangings for walls, beds, and curtains.

Blenhiam Fabric Wall

Hundreds of years later here at Asnew Upholstery & Design we can offer the same services as our predecessors with the skills and passion to transform your interiors creating the perfect space for you.

Visit the ‘Services’ section on our website and go to 'Design Advisory' at the bottom to see how we can help you transform your home.

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