Soft Furnishings - The Living Room

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The initial brief from our client was for us to make living room curtains for a newly built property. The aim was to create a relaxing calm space to be enjoyed throughout the day. The brief began with just curtains but ended with us making a Bespoke Ottoman, Tablecloth and Blinds.

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Curtains & Voiles

We paired our handmade curtains with voiles to offer ultimate flexibility, these were an essential element for fulfilling the brief.

The voile fabric helps to defuse the light and can be used throughout the day depending on the client’s needs.

Double pinch pleat

A double pinch pleat heading has been used for the curtains and voiles giving them a permanent pleat. This offers a tailored finish that looks stunning in both modern and traditional homes.

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Bespoke Oval Ottoman

Our client wanted an ottoman that would help with the flow of the room and wasn’t a traditional square or rectangle shape thus we made a bespoke oval ottoman that fitted perfectly into the living room space. Using two fabrics the ottoman was brought to life.

DSC 3450
DSC 3442 DSC 3480

Handmade Tablecloth

Our client had a MDF table that needed a tablecloth that was in keeping with the living room. Using box pleats and the same fabric as on the ottoman top created a cohesive scheme. The aztec style trim breaks up the cloth and adds interest.

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