Replacement Cushions

Transform your tired furniture with new cushion interiors to make them look as good ‘Asnew’.

New Cushion Interiors Before
New Cushion Interiors After

New cushion interiors are a cost effective and simple solution and will give your furniture a new lease of life. Here at Asnew we offer a comprehensive range of the highest quality, made to measure foam, fibre and feather products for most applications. These include new replacement seat and back cushion interiors for sofas, chairs, window seats, caravans and motor homes. We can also supply a waterproof foam that can be used on boats and outdoor furniture plus much more. All products that we supply pass the latest UK fire regulations.

New cushion interiors will rejuvenate your uncomfortable, lumpy and tired looking furniture give your suite a complete make over.

We can replace your existing cushions with the following options:

  • Reflex foam with a fibre (Dacron) wrap
  • Reflex foam core with a feather wrap
  • Full feather
  • Feather & down various mix options
  • Quallofil (high quality fibre)

We make the process simple and easy from accurately measuring your original covers, to fitting the new interiors into their original covers to ensure a perfect fit. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process of choosing the correct cushion replacements that are right for you.

Reflex foam with a fibre (Dacron) wrap

Comfortable and practical combination. The highest quality grade foam with a Dacron wrap cushion interior requires the least amount of maintenance, and is hardwearing making it a popular choice of cushion interior. The Dacron is wrapped around the foam core like a jacket to give a softer look and feel. This interior provides a low maintenance, durable and comfortable option for your furniture for many years.

Care: Occasional turning is required to retain comfort and even wear.

Foam core with a feather wrap

Comfortable and luxurious, the ultimate combination. A foam core and feather wrap cushion is the perfect balance between practicality and sophistication as it gives the support of foam but with a softer overall look and feel with the added feather wrap. The feathers are sewn in channels to prevent them from moving around, this is then wrapped around the foam core.

Care: Weekly plumping and turning is required to ensure even distribution of the feathers and to retain the look and comfort.

Full feather

Beautifully soft and extremely luxurious and breathable, allowing you to effortlessly sink into your furniture for ultimate comfort. Feather cushions give a more relaxed look and feel to any piece of furniture.

Care: Daily plumping and turning is required to ensure even distribution of feathers and to retain comfort and style.

Feather & Down various mix options

We also offer a Feather & Down range of seat and back cushion interiors for the ultimate in pillow like comfort. They come in a variation of mixes, please call or email us if you would like further information on this option.

Care: Daily plumping and turning is required to ensure even distribution of feathers and to retain comfort and style.

Quallofil (high quality fibre)

Recommended for back cushions only, we can supply fibre seat cushions and happy to discuss this as an option. Fibre back cushions are a softer more relaxed option, they are a good alternative to feather back cushions if you have dust or feather allergies.

Care: Regularly needs to be turned over, plumped and teased to prevent the fibres from matting together with daily compression. This is essential to retain maximum comfort and longevity.

How to get a quote

  1. Email pictures:

    Fill out the form below and upload images of what you would like recovered or re-upholstered, including a basic description of what you require and rough measurements. This is the quickest and easiest way for us to give you an accurate quotation.

  2. Arrange an appointment:

    Visit our showroom and we’ll help your vision become a reality. It’s a good idea to send pictures in advance or bring photographs with you so we can give you the best advice. You will have access to our extensive fabric library which has something for everyone.

  3. Home visit:

    We can arrange for one of our experts to come out and advise you in your own home. We are able to accommodate all of your needs.

  4. Site visit:

    For our commercial/contract customers we can provide a site visit to discuss requirements and take measurements where needed. Both the home and site visits are offered free of charge within the Oxfordshire area, with no obligations to proceed.

Upload up to 10 images for your project (maximum 16MB each).